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GHI Electronics BrainPad | Digi-Key Daily

GHI Electronics’ BrainPad is an educational STEM tool that can be used to teach everyone, from kids to college students to professionals.

3M Thermally Conductive Acrylic Interface Pad 5590H | Digi-Key Daily

3M thermal management materials are proven, high performance solutions for cooling high intensity LEDs, bonding heat sinks, heat spreaders and other cooling devices to IC packages and power transistors.

Panasonic PAN4620 Series Module | Digi-Key Daily

PAN4620 series dual mode RF module is comprised of NXP’s Kinetis® KW41Z SoC - a 2.4 GHz 802.15.4 and Bluetooth Low Energy wireless radio microcontroller with an integrated Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core.

How to Control Output Voltage using a PID

An Introduction to using the PID library on the Arduino platform to control output voltages in a quick responsive manner.

Thermal Management Considerations for EM21xx and EM22xx PowerSoCs

This white paper discusses some of these considerations and presents experimental findings of various cooling approaches that can be leveraged in real designs.

NCP151 LDO Dual Output High PSRR Regulators Publish Date: 2019-06-26

ON Semiconductor’s NCP151 are dual linear regulators capable of supplying two independent 300 mA output currents from 1.7 V input voltage.

M12 PCB/Panel Connectors 8/12 Pin Publish Date: 2019-06-26

TE Connectivity extends its M12 connector portfolio with the latest connectors, the 8 and 12 positions for direct mounting onto PCBs and panels.

Belt Alignment Automation Switch Publish Date: 2019-06-26

Steute's belt alignment automation switches monitor the alignment of the conveyor belt and transmit a signal if it becomes misaligned.

Implementing Current Sense Using Intel® Enpirion® Power Solutions

This application note discusses the correct placement of the sense resistor, design trade-offs, and an implementation for the best performance and flexibility of the design.

STE-1050057ES95 Safety Switch Publish Date: 2019-06-26

Steute's safety hinge switches are suitable for hinged safety guards which need to be closed to ensure the necessary operational security.

Analog Devices Condition Based Monitoring for Industry 4.0

ADI is enabling next-generation condition-based monitoring applications with sensor, signal chain and integrated module solutions that provide more predictive insights into industrial equipment, optimizing machine life, and increasing throughput.

VITA 67.3 Contact Installation & Removal

This video will discuss Amphenol SV Microwave's VITA 67.3 Contact Installation & Removal.

Ricoh is empowering digital workplaces

Collaboration with coworkers is easier, the real-time exchange of ideas and information is a reality, and employees have the tools they need to be equally productive — whenever and wherever they are.

Silicon Labs Wireless Gecko Series 2 Devices | Digi-Key Daily

Silicon Labs' Wireless Gecko Series 2 devices are the next evolution of Wireless Gecko devices that are designed to increase processing capability, improve RF performance, and lower active current, while providing a higher level of security.

OptiMOS™-5 40 V MOSFETs in SS08 Publish Date: 2019-06-25

Infineon’s OptiMOS™-5 40 V in SS08 is the little MOSFET that enables big current.

90x90-Type Thumbnail Updated Sensor Solutions by Type

Browse TE Connectivity sensors by type. Pressure, Temperature, Force, Humidity, Motion and Position sensors available at DigiKey.

Publish Date: 2017-10-03 Updated: 2019-06-25
Automotive Motor Drives System Solutions

Automotive motor control at a glance and Infineon offerings.

High Efficiency Switching DC Regulators Updated: 2019-06-25

Available configurations, advantages versus linear regulators, key specifications, and possible applications for CUI's high efficiency switching DC regulators.

Duration: 5 minutes
Lawn and Garden Lawn and Garden

TE Connectivity’s broad portfolio of advanced connectors and sensors provide a variety of solutions to help you complete all your lawn and garden designs.

Publish Date: 2019-06-25
Automotive Application Guide

Infineon Technologies application guide is a leading player and pioneer in automotive electronics.

OptiMOS™ and StrongIRFET™ MOSFET Selection Guide

Infineon Technologies range of OptiMOS™ and StrongIRFET™ power MOSFETs enables innovation and performance.

Power and Sensing Guide 2019

Infineon offers a wide product range of world-class power, sensor, and security technologies.

R2SX Series Converters Publish Date: 2019-06-25

RECOM's R2SX series offers 3 kVDC/1-minute isolation (/H version) and 1 kVDC/1-minute isolation versions that are IEC/EN/UL and RoHS conformal.

Cutting Edge Innovation with FPGAs

This summer’s InnovateFPGA contest is on! Various cash prizes and Terasic development kits will be awarded at the regional and global levels.

Join the Maker World with an Easy-to-Use Arduino Starter Kit Publish Date: 2019-06-25

The Arduino Starter Kit has everything engineers and non-engineers need to become a “maker” and join a world of electronics-based creativity and innovation.

OptiMOS™ Automotive MOSFETs Product Guide

Infineon's OptiMOS™ automotive MOSFET portfolio offers benchmark quality, wide voltage range and diversified package.

HF Series Side-Mount Filter Fans Publish Date: 2019-06-25

Hoffman’s HF series side-mount filter fans are designed for superior performance and have numerous options to suit a broad range of cooling applications.

LUMAWISE Endurance S Bases and Domes Publish Date: 2019-06-25

TE's LUMAWISE Endurance S base and dome combinations provide a sealed electrical interface between slim design LED streetlights and associated sensor modules.

Horticultural Lighting Solutions Horticultural Lighting Solutions

With Vertical farming on the rise, TE has connector, relay & filter solutions to help complete the network of power-cabling needed for your horticultural lighting applications.

Publish Date: 2019-06-25
Thor and Hercules Converters Publish Date: 2019-06-25

This presentation will introduce the features and applications for the Thor and Hercules converters from Amgis.

Duration: 5 minutes
Low Power DC-DC Converters Updated: 2019-06-25

Provides an economical and reliable means of converting and/or isolating DC rails within a distributed power system for a variety of applications.

Duration: 5 minutes
HPL Series Automotive Power Inductors Publish Date: 2019-06-25

TDK's HPL series automotive power inductors are magnetically shielded, wire-wound inductors with a ferrite core.

Connectivity for better devices

Interface connectors provide the data, signal and power lifelines required for industrial devices to meet challenging customer requirements.

HARTING M12 PushPull vs M12 Standard Time Study

This video will talk about HARTING'S M12 PushPull vs M12 Standard Time Study.

High AOP Homepod speaker Demo

This video will show Vesper's High AOP Homepod speaker.

PCIM 2019 Helix Semiconductors Presentation

Nick Vergunst, Senior Engineer at Helix Semiconductors, delivers a presentation at PCIM 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany.

Sensata Solutions | DRMS

Check out Sensata's new DRMS series hybrid motor starter, built for small, three-phase asynchronous motors.

Sensata Solutions | 3NT

Check out Sensata's 3NT Series. Its an automatic reset thermostat designed for high moisture environments.

LulzBot’s X/Y/Z Backlash Compensation for Printed Part Accuracy

Learn more about how LulzBot’s all new X/Y/Z Backlash Compensation System delivers precise 3D prints.

High Strength Printing with the Lulzbot 3D Printers

The LulzBot HS and HS+ Tool Head enables 3D printing of industrial-grade composites, for high-strength 3D prints at a fraction of the time.

Lulzbot Aerostruder V2 Micro Tool Head

Fine details, high tolerances, small prints, and production-grade prototypes with the Lulzbot Aerostruder V2 Micro Tool Head

3D Printed Dimple Dies

See how 3D printed dimple dies stand up against solid steel.

Lulzbot 3D Printer Ecosystem

Lulzbot 3D printers are renowned for their reliability, ease of use, and broad 3D printing capability.

Off-Road 3D printing with the Lulzbot Mini2

Testing a Lulzbot Mini2 in the back of a Rock-Crawler traversing Carnage Canyon.

Renesas RL78/G10 Series of Microcontrollers | Digi-Key Daily

Renesas has developed the household gas alarm prototype to help protect people’s lives and property from carbon monoxide and combustible gases that are used extensively in daily life.

ANP032 High Power Wireless Power Transfer for the Industrial Environment

Wurth's ANP032 High Power Wireless Power Transfer for the Industrial Environment

ANP039 Power Inductors - 8 Design Tips

Wurth's ANP039 Power Inductors - 8 Design Tips

Eaton Keeps Your Data Center Online for the Long Term

Information on how Eaton keeps your data center online for the long term.

Supercapacitors Integrated into Electrified Drivetrains

Information on Eaton's supercapacitors integrated into electrified drivetrains.

How to Select a Terminal Block

Information from Eaton on how to select a terminal block.

Eaton's Supercapacitors Help Make Vehicles Safe in Emergency Situations

Information on how Eaton’s supercapacitors help make vehicles safe in emergency situations.

Eaton’s MDH Fuses Provide Circuit Protection for LED Street Lights

Information on how Eaton’s MDH fuses provide circuit protection for LED street lights.

Eaton Provides Critical Circuit Protection Solution for Commercial Appliances

Information on how Eaton provides critical circuit protection solution for commercial appliances.

STEVAL-MKSBOX1V1 SensorTile.Box Development Kit Publish Date: 2019-06-24

STMicroelectronics' STEVAL-MKSBOX1V1 is a wireless multi-sensor development kit with user-friendly app for IoT and wearable sensor applications.

M12 Power L-Code Panel Mount PCB Connectors Publish Date: 2019-06-24

TE Connectivity’s M12 power L-code panel mount PCB connectors provide a compact solution for high-power connections in automation devices.

Updated WE-HCI – SMD Flat Wire High-Current Inductor Updated: 2019-06-24

Würth Elektronik WE-HCI series is known within the electronics market to be the top of the line, high-current inductor family.

Eaton Supercapacitors Provide Reliable Start-up for Engine Design

Information on how Eaton supercapacitors provide reliable start-up for engine design.

Energy Storage Total Cost of Ownership Comparisons in Critical Power Applications

Information from Eaton on energy storage total cost of ownership comparisons in critical power applications.

How To Post Data using the Particle Photon

Posting real world data online has never been easier using the Particle Photon and basic HTTP coding requests to send your data to the cloud.

Eaton Provides Cloud Computing & Data Center Reliability for the Enterprise

Information on how Eaton provides Cloud computing & data center reliability for the enterprise.

Switching Thyristor Product Catalog

Littelfuse's Switching Thyristor Product Catalog

Slim-Width 3036 Coin Cell Retainer Publish Date: 2019-06-24

Keystone's slim-width 3036 coin cell retainers are ideal for high-density PCB packaging in applications such as single-use RFID.

Eaton Supercapacitors Enable Powerful Automotive Boardnet Stabilization

Information on how Eaton supercapacitors enable powerful automotive boardnet stabilization.

Encapsulated AC/DC Power Supply Series Updated: 2019-06-24

This presentation will provide an overview of CUI’s encapsulated AC/DC power supply family, including a summary of available models, features, and target applications.

Duration: 5 minutes
How to Select a Fuse Holder

Information from Eaton on how to select a fuse holder.

High-Temperature, High-Power-Density Inductors for Automotive Lighting

Information from Eaton on their high-temperature, high-power-density inductors for automotive lighting.

Raspberry Pi 4 vs Raspberry Pi 3 “A New Slice of Pi”

Who is ready for another piece of pi?

Advantages of MIL-COTS Parts Updated: 2019-06-24

This presentation will outline the advantages of the MIL-COTS VIA DCM™ products and filters.

Duration: 5 minutes
Eaton CC12H Fuses are the Hidden Power in Automotive

Information on how Eaton CC12H fuses are the hidden power in automotive.

Eaton Keeps Healthcare Facilities Running When You Need it Most

Information on how Eaton keeps healthcare facilities running when you need it most.

Boosted SuperCool Series Peltier Cooler Assemblies Publish Date: 2019-06-24

Laird Thermal Systems' boosted SuperCool series Peltier cooler assemblies are ideal for applications such as medical and sample storage compartments.

Providing the Highest Power Density for Automotive Future

Information from Eaton on providing the highest power density for automotive future.

Eaton Supercapacitors Provide Superior Active Suspension for Automotive Engineers

Information on how Eaton supercapacitors provide superior active suspension for automotive engineers.

Supercapacitors Strengthen Renewable Energy Utilization

Information on how Eaton supercapacitors strengthen renewable energy utilization.

Supercapacitor Modules Accelerate the Future of Electric Vehicles

Information on how Eaton's supercapacitor modules accelerate the future of electric vehicles.

ANP044 Impact of the layout, components, and filters on the EMC of modern DC/DC switching controllers

Wurth's ANP044 Impact of the layout, components, and filters on the EMC of modern DC/DC switching controllers

1x3 zSFP+ Cage Assembly Publish Date: 2019-06-24

TE Connectivity’s 1x3 zSFP+ cage assembly for high-speed applications and is being adopted by key industry players for their 5G wireless platforms.

Calypso Wi-Fi Radio Module Publish Date: 2019-06-24

Wurth Electronics' Calypso WLAN module is a compact Wi-Fi module based on IEEE 802.11 b/g/n with a fully featured TCP/IP stack.

NKK Smartswitch Overview

The video will show an overview of NKK's Smartswitch.

Khadas KTONE Tone Board | Digi-Key Daily

The Khadas tone board is an amazing external USB hi-fidelity sound card that offers excellent performance and compatibility which will take customers' listening experiences to a whole new level.

CRC Calculations for MBUS Modules

The Wireless M-Bus modules (MBUS3, MBUS4) from Radiocrafts can be enabled with CRC-16 for possible error identification on the UART port.

Firmware Upgrading Radiocrafts Modules

This Application Note describes how to upgrade the firmware of any Radiocrafts RFmodule using either a CC Debugger or the FlashPro-CC tools.

MBUS4 and Italian CIG Requirements

This application note points out how the RC1701HP/VHP-MBUS4 module can be used to meet the requirements of this companion standard.

Updated Compact Electret Condenser Microphones Updated: 2019-06-21

Used to convert sound into an electric signal, CUI’s ECM microphones contain a permanent charge, eliminating the need for an external polarizing voltage.

RF Modules with External Power Amplifier

The RC1xx0 and RC2x00 series of RF Modules with integrated protocol offers easy adaptation of wireless communication utilizing a simple UART serial interface.

Implementing with Radiocrafts Wireless M-Bus Module

This Application Note will help selecting the correct module for your Wireless M-bus implementation and informs you were to find more detailed information.

RIIoT™ Range – Basics and Measurement Results

The core function of any wireless communications system is to transfer data from point A to point B.

RF Module Trouble Shooting Guide

The purpose of this document is to list some of the most common issues that customers report when using Radiocrafts modules

Tuning the Antenna with Built in Tuning Features

This application note makes antenna design and antenna tuning available for non-RF engineers in general and describes how this is done with the build in functionality of the RC1701HP-MBUS4 for 169MHz.

TinyMesh Locator Function

TinyMesh features a unique locator function as part of the comprehensive embedded control- and monitoring features embedded in the protocol.

Ethernet Industrial Environment IP20 Rated Modular Plugs Publish Date: 2019-06-21

Stewart Connector's Ethernet industrial environment IP20 rated modular plugs support 1000Base-T, 10GBase-T, and PoE in industrial environments.

TE Connectivity Industrial Solutions Thumbnail Updated Industrial Solutions

TE's improved industrial solutions have increased product lifetimes and reliability and lower overall costs for many industrial applications.

Publish Date: 2012-04-25 Updated: 2019-06-21
C-Programming of ICI

The purpose of this application note is to demonstrate how easy it is to create your own application using Radiocraft’s ICI (intelligent C-programmable I/O).

Sub-1GHz Modules for FCC Compliance

This Application Note informs how to select and use Radiocrafts modules for FCC compliance in US.

Wireless M-Bus in Industrial Sensor Networks

Wireless M-Bus (EN 13757-4:2013) is a wireless communication standard that was developed for the reading of electricity, gas-, water-, heat-meters and heat allocators.

ST25RU3993-EVAL RAIN® RFID (UHF) Reader System Publish Date: 2019-06-21

STMicroelectronics' ST25RU3993-EVAL RAIN® RFID (UHF) reader system is designed to evaluate the features and properties of the integrated ST25RU3993.

STM8L050J3M3 8-Bit Microcontroller (MCU) Publish Date: 2019-06-21

STMicro's STM8L050J3M3 ultra-low value line, 8-bit general purpose MCUs are ideal for applications such as consumer and low-power operations.

PCSA PCB Holders Publish Date: 2019-06-21

Ideal-tek's PCSA PCB holders are ideal for fitting circuit boards with components and feature adjustable foam and splint height.

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Cells and Batteries Publish Date: 2019-06-21

ZEUS Battery Products lithium iron phosphate batteries are rechargeable and designed for electric vehicle or energy storage applications.

SMA Series Coaxial Connectors Publish Date: 2019-06-21

Wurth Electronics’ range of SMA series coaxial connectors contains a wide range of standard SMA solutions for frequencies up to 18 GHz.

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