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Image of Bourns' PWR221T-50 Series High Power Resistors
PWR221T-50 Series High Power Resistors

Bourns' PWR221T-50 series is a TO-220 style power resistor used in current limiting, capacitor discharge, or current measurement circuits in power supplies.

Image of CUI's Thermal Pads
AF/SF Series Thermal Pads

CUI's AF and SF series of thermal conductive pads offer packages from 10 mm x 10 mm to 70 mm x 70 mm and are designed with non-silicone or silicone elastomer.

Image of American Bright's E-Paper Displays
E-Paper Displays

American Bright's low power consumption E-Paper signage provides proficient software-driven solutions and more earth-friendly display alternatives.

Image of ReVibe Energy's Model D Evaluation Kit
ModelD Evaluation Kit

ReVibe Energy's modelD evaluation kit gives customers the opportunity to evaluate vibration energy harvesting in a wide variety of applications.

Image of Molex's Micro-Latch Wire-to-Board Connector System
Micro-Latch Wire-to-Board Connector System

Molex's Micro-Latch connector system provides a reliable connection interface for industry-standard 2.00 mm wire-to-board application.

Image of Bumper Specialties Soft Durometer Bumpers
Soft Durometer Bumpers

Bumper Specialties sound dampening bumpers provide a soft and quiet close for any cabinet door, drawer, or enclosure.

Image of Molex's Eurostyle Green Terminal Blocks
Eurostyle Green Terminal Blocks

Molex's Eurostyle high-temperature terminal blocks are designed to meet the requirements demanded by high-power industrial applications.

Image of Bumper Specialties Standard Bumpers
Standard Bumpers

Bumper Specialties self-adhesive rubber bumper products can be used for a multitude of electronic applications.

Image of Intel's EM2260 and EM2280 Digital DC-DC Step-Down Converters with PMBus
EM2260 and EM2280 Digital DC-DC Step-Down Converters with PMBus

Simplify the complex task of building high-performance systems with the easy-to-use Intel® Enpirion® EM2260 and EM2280 PowerSoC modules.

Image of Crouzet's SYR-LINE Plug-In Timers
Syr-line Plug-In Timers

Crouzet’s Syr-line plug-in timers save time and space and are fast and easy to configure while getting all the functions users need.

Image of TDK VLS-EX-H Power Inductor
VLS-EX-H Wirewound Inductor

TDK's VLS-EX-H series power inductors are magnetically-shielded wirewound inductors with a ferrite core, designed for use in automotive applications.

Image of Vishay Semi Diodes' FRED Pt® Gen 5 Rectifier
FRED Pt® Gen 5 Hyperfast 1200 V Rectifiers

Vishay's hyperfast 1200 V rectifiers are specifically designed to improve efficiency of hard- and soft-switching applications.

Image of NKK's UB and LB Series Illuminated Pushbuttons
LB/UB Series Illuminated Pushbuttons with Protective Guards

NKK's LB and UB series pushbuttons come pre-assembled with a specified base switch and polyamide rectangular protective guard with cover.

Image of FLEx Lighting's Low-Power Front Lights
Low-Power Front Lights

FLEx Lighting's low-power front lights are the ideal low-power alternative to traditional backlit LCDs and designed for reflective displays.

Image of Vishay Opto's VOH1016A Series Optocouplers
VOH1016A Series 1 MBd High-Speed Optocouplers

Vishay's VOH1016A optocouplers offer low turn-on threshold current and supply current, guaranteed minimum CMTI of 10 kV/µs, and a wide power supply range.