Omron NX1P2 Advanced Motion Controller

NX1P2 Controller (Image source: Omron Automation & Safety)

NX1P2 CPUs are entry level controllers in Omron’s Sysmac machine automation platform. The controllers are fully capable compact models including built-in I/O, EtherNet/IP for system connectivity and EtherCAT for advanced motion control. Push-In Plus terminal block I/O connections on the front panel provide easy access for configuration and reduces wiring time when building a control panel.

Typical System Application (Image source: Omron Automation & Safety)

A typical system consists of the NX1P2 CPU unit connected to a LAN over EtherNet/IP for network access, EtherCAT for motion control, and several NX expansion units for various I/O and power requirements.

Development Environment

Sysmac Studio is Omron’s machine control companion software that integrates logic control, safety, motion & drives, robotics, HMI, I/Os, Vision, advanced sensing, and information systems. Sysmac Studio provides an integrated development environment for setting, programming, debugging, and maintaining machine automation controllers over their entire lifecycle. Ladder, Structured Text, and Function Block programming are supported and a CAM editor provides easy programming of complex motion profiles. A simulation tool for sequence and motion in 2D or 3D environments is also part of the development environment.

System Expansion

NX1W option boards plug directly into the NX1P2 front panel to add serial communication and analog control. If additional I/O, interfaces or power is required, up to eight NX expansion units can be locally connected to the NX1P2 CPU Unit. NX expansion units provide digital and analog I/O, position interfaces, communication interfaces, power supplies, and safety interfaces.

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