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Image of Talon's MangOH™ Yellow Development Board
mangOH™ Yellow Development Board

Talon's mangOH™ Yellow platform for sending edge data to the cloud enables users to build low-power IoT applications and offers a 10-year battery life.

Image of Teledyne LeCroy's T3DMM Bench Multimeters
T3DMM Bench Multimeters

Teledyne LeCroy's T3DMM series is a family of dual display digital desktop multimeters that provide a rich and powerful feature set.

Image of 73104 Do-It-Yourself 50 Ohm Insulated BNC Male Connectors
73104 Do-It-Yourself 50 Ohm Insulated BNC Male Connectors

Pomona Electronics’ 73104 do-it-yourself 50 ohm insulated BNC male connectors are fully insulated for increased electrical safety.

Image of TDK's B32370 through B32374 EPCOS Single-Phase Power Capacitors
B32370/B32371/B32373/B32374 EPCOS Single-Phase Power Capacitors

TDK's B32370, B32371, B32373, and B32374 series capacitors have high reliability and long service life (100,000 hours) in a capacitance range of 5 µF to 600 µF.

Image of Microchip's SAM9X60 Ultra-Low-Power Microprocessors
SAM9X60 Ultra-Low-Power Microprocessors

Microchip Technology's SAM9X60 is a high-performance, ultra-low-power ARM926EJ-S 600 MHz CPU-based embedded microprocessor (MPU).

Image of Kycon's IP67 USB Type-C Receptacles
IP67 USB Type-C® Receptacles

Kycon's IP67 10 Gbps data rate, USB 3.2 Gen 2 receptacles can handle significantly faster data transfer than the standard USB 2.0 and 3.0 products.

Image of Würth Elektronik's WSEN-PDUS Differential Pressure Sensor
WSEN-PDUS Differential Pressure Sensor

Würth's WSEN-PDUS differential pressure sensor is available in various pressure ranges and can measure differential pressure up to 10 bars.

Image of Broadcom's HSMx-C19x Top-Mount IR ChipLEDs
HSMx-C19x Top-Mount IR ChipLEDs in 0603 Footprint

Broadcom's HSMx-C19x top-mount IR ChipLEDs can be closely mounted making them ideal for applications such as space-constrained portable devices.

Image of Broadcom's HSMx-C350/C380 Top-Mount IR ChipLEDs
HSMx-C350/C380 Top-Mount IR ChipLEDs in 1206 Footprint

Broadcom's HSMx-C350/C380 top-mount IR ChipLEDs feature an integrated optical lens and are ideal for applications such as industrial automation.

Image of Teledyne LeCroy's T3RC Rogowski Coil Current Probes
T3RC Rogowski Coil Current Probes

Teledyne LeCroy T3RC Rogowski coil current probes cover a wide frequency span and current measurement ranges for maximum application coverage.

Image of Analog Devices' LTC6228 Low Distortion Rail-to-Rail Output Op Amp with Shutdown
LTC6228 Low Distortion Rail-to-Rail Output Op Amp with Shutdown

Analog Devices' LTC6228 are made for a high dynamic range and deal with high slew rate signals, such as driving A/D converters.

Image of Rubycon's PZ-Cap™ Hybrid Capacitors
PZ-Cap™ Hybrid Capacitors - Conductive Polymer/Aluminum Electrolytic Type

Rubycon's PZ-Cap™ hybrid polymer capacitors are designed to thrive in harsh environments with extremely stable ESR throughout its product life.

Image of Laird Thermal Systems WL Series – Liquid Cooling System
WL Series Liquid Cooling System

Laird Thermal Systems’ WL series is a liquid cooling system designed to circulate liquid coolant keep the temperature of the coolant at or near ambient.

Image of Johanson Technology’s Bandpass Filters for 5G Networks
Bandpass Filters for 5G Networks

Johanson Technology’s passive bandpass filters provide low insertion and high attenuation levels close to passband without compromising performance.

Image of Fan Power Cords
Fan Power Cords

GardTec’s UL standard fan power cords are designed to meet customer requirements, including terminal connections, heat shrink, labeling, stripping, and tinning.