REVConnect RJ45 Connectors

Belden’s connectors fit Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6A cables

Image of Belden REVConnect RJ45 ConnectorsBelden's REVConnect has been changing the communication industry as a single reliable, easy termination that offers unparalleled versatility. The system covers both plugs and jacks, has field-attachable options, and is the perfect termination for Bonded Pair and DataTuff cables from Belden.

REVConnect gets its reliability from a unique termination process featuring a universal 'core' comprised of a cable manager and cap. The cap features eight insulation piercing contacts which create a highly reliable, gas-tight termination proven to increase first pass yields and reduce rework.

The termination of the REVConnect core is a simple, straightforward process that requires no pair separation. This means both bonded and non-bonded cables terminate in the same amount of time. On top of that, the single core termination is all the installer needs to know to terminate eight different modules.

REVConnect's core technology accepts eight RJ45 modules: UTP jacks (Category 5e through 10GX), shielded jacks (Category 5e through 10GX), and 10GX shielded and unshielded field mountable plugs. A single termination tool is all that is required for the entire termination, including cable prep.

  • Fits Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6A cables
  • Universal core for plug or jack
  • One tool preps cable and crimps core
  • Shielded plugs and jacks available
  • Safe in harsh settings with UL94 V0
  • Operating temperature range: -40°C to +70°C

REVConnect Jacks

ImageOnderdeelnr. fabrikantBeschrijvingAvailable QuantityDetails weergeven
JACK CAT 5E STP RJ45RV5IJ2SME-S1JACK CAT 5E STP RJ4518 - ImmediateDetails weergeven
JACK CAT 6 UTP RJ45 BLKRV6IJ2UBK-S1JACK CAT 6 UTP RJ45 BLK5 - ImmediateDetails weergeven
JACK CAT 6A UTP RJ45 BLKRVAIJ2UBK-S1JACK CAT 6A UTP RJ45 BLK7 - ImmediateDetails weergeven
49 - Factory Stock
Details weergeven
JACK CAT 6A STP RJ45RVAIJ2SME-S1JACK CAT 6A STP RJ458 - ImmediateDetails weergeven

REVConnect Plugs

ImageOnderdeelnr. fabrikantBeschrijvingAvailable QuantityDetails weergeven
PLUG CAT 5E-6-6A UTP RJ45RVAIP2UBK-S1PLUG CAT 5E-6-6A UTP RJ4521 - Immediate
110 - Factory Stock
Details weergeven
PLUG CAT 5E-6-6A STP RJ45RVAIP2SME-S1PLUG CAT 5E-6-6A STP RJ45147 - ImmediateDetails weergeven
CORE CAT 5E-6-6A UTP 1=50RVUIO0UEW-B50CORE CAT 5E-6-6A UTP 1=504 - ImmediateDetails weergeven
PLUG CAT 5E-6-6A UTP RJ45 1=24RVAIP2UBK-B24PLUG CAT 5E-6-6A UTP RJ45 1=242 - Immediate
4 - Factory Stock
Details weergeven
PLUG CAT 5E-6-6A STP RJ45 1=24RVAIP2SME-B24PLUG CAT 5E-6-6A STP RJ45 1=243 - Immediate
6 - Factory Stock
Details weergeven
Published: 2019-05-07